About Us

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Intercultural Center of Iowa (ICI) is a nonprofit organization that provides the platform to which our community cultural differences and commonalities in values, expectations, beliefs, and practices are effectively bridged. This can be achieved through education, resources, access to meaningful accommodations and means for economic developments.

We understand that people of different cultural background bring the best of the greater community through critical thinking, compassionate, respect, and mutual understanding. ICI is dedicated to empowering communities and embracing the differences to stimulate growth and create a vibrant environment by learning the landscape of others through cultural lens.

Intercultural Center of Iowa’s mission is providing education, accommodation, resources, and advocacy for the purpose of promoting equity and narrowing the opportunity gap to the greater intercultural community.

“Communities without barriers”

You can help us make our vision as a community a reality. If you wish to know how you can help in our advocacy, or if you wish to take advantage of the different services that we are offering, please let us know by calling 319-214-0423.