EDI&E Solutions

The Intercultural Center of Iowa (ICI) values collaboration to successfully drive our mission while avoiding duplication. To help us on our journey, ICI is pleased to partner with Nikeya Diversity Consulting to offer holistic equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement solutions. Both ICI and Nikeya Diversity Consulting believe to successfully welcome, integrate and retain diverse populations, the workplace and regional cultures must be equitable, inclusive and engaging. This needs to be intentional, strategic and organization-wide with transparent leadership commitment and accountability to create sustainable outcomes.

Below are a range of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement (EDI&E) solutions offered by Nikeya Diversity Consulting. All strategies facilitated by Sarika Bhakta, a Certified Diversity Executive, who has credentials and expertise to deliver innovative results. The content below is copyright of Nikeya Diversity Consulting.

Equity + Diversity + Inclusion + Engagement = Innovative Results™

Investing in Leaders: Executive Coaching & Leadership Development on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement (EDI&E)

  • 82% of the time, companies choose unqualified managers.OUTCOME: Employees join companies, but great talent leave bad managers.
  • 70% of U.S workers are NOT engaged at work (60% globally).OUTCOME: Higher turnovers increase costs of constantly hiring, onboarding and training new employees impacting company morale and productivity
  • 41% managers are “too busy” to implemetn diversity initiatives.OUTCOME: “Frozen Mmiddle” becomes larger roadblock for senior leaders to achieve diversity initiatives.

Executive/Manager: Virtual Coaching on EDI&E

  • I want to use my power, privilege and platform for a purpose, but how can I genuinely do this without it looking like an act?
  • My company wants to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, but as a manager I have lots of concerns about chasing buzz words and, frankly, don’t believe it will work.
  • My competitors are embarking on EDI&E initiatives, but why should I?

These are examples of authentic reflections executives and managers are having as they contemplate EDI&E strategies in the workplace. Personalized EDI&E virtual coaching program creates an environment for gut checks to occur while bouncing ideas off of a Certified Diversity Executive to apply timely solutions. Virtual coaching offers a flexible, convenient and cost-effective option over conventional in-person coaching models.

EDI&E is an ongoing journey that begins at the individual level to drive sustained behavior changes and organizational outcomes. Introspection of one’s relationships, purpose, role and worldview (biases) are assessed to ensure beliefs and values align with their actions. Various tools and resources will be explored to help executives/managers effectively implement EDI&E solutions with self-confidence. The goals are to heighten self-awareness, increase empathy and enhance self-regulation to authentically influence and engage diverse stakeholders while creating agile innovative workplace cultures.

Asian American Pacific Islander: Virtual Coaching on Career/Leadership Development

  • I’m perceived as a “Model Minority” causing cultural biases to impact my career progression. I need to gain tools to empower myself to debunk this myth while advocating for myself.
  • I am struggling with authentically embracing my core values while aligning them with my traditional cultural norms.
  • How can I develop a strong diverse network of advocates to elevate myself and advance my professional aspirations?

From a racial/ethnic perspective, the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) population in the U.S. is the fastest growing group projected to be the largest immigrant group by 2055. It is also one of the fastest growing consumer groups, both domestically and globally. Yet, they are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions. The workplace and marketplace have diversified significantly creating urgency to cultivate more AAPI leadership to access and grow influential Asian markets to successfully compete in today’s global economy.

Nikeya Diversity Consulting provides personal expert knowledge and customized virtual coaching on career/leadership development program to accelerate an AAPI’s professional trajectory. We examine cultural, individual and organizational barriers from both sides of the ‘bamboo ceiling’. From the top side, prevailing Western leadership stereotypes and biases that can negatively stall an AAPI’s career. From the bottom side, an AAPI’s educational journey, cultural values and upbringing that established preexisting behaviors and expectations. Through ongoing in the weeds support, strategies and solutions we help AAPI professionals impact change and transform mindsets to break through the bamboo ceiling.

Learning & Development Solutions

Learning and development solutions customized to meet your needs and integrated with your strategic plan to ensure sustainable ROI. Delivering solutions by creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that engages participants while developing their authentic self. More importantly enables them to gain critical EDI&E skills to apply immediately in their workplace enhancing overall workplace culture while improving processes, programs and procedures. Participants will acquire skills via multi-prong learning components ranging from training exercises, assessments to group and video-based dialogues.

  • Intro to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement (EDI&E) and Cultural Competency
  • Effective Cultural Communications – Beyond Words
  • Bridging Generational Intelligence
  • Anti-Harassment Workplace Culture
  • Race, Power & Privilege
  • Inspiring Women is Empowering Women
  • Lifting the Veil on the Asian Immigrant Experience in the Workplace
  • Managing Your Mind Consciously: The Impact of Unconscious Bias & Micro-inequities

Strategic Planning/Offsite Retreats

In today’s highly competitive global business environment, an EDI&E journey requires a strategic road map to help your organization navigate a challenging and ongoing journey with unexpected turns and twists along the way. Our strategic planning services range from planning, facilitating, and executing offsite strategic planning retreats to helping you develop an EDI&E Plan.

Our goal is to ensure that your EDI&E Plan:

  • Is manageable, measurable and comprehensive
  • Is integrated with your organization’s overall strategic plan
  • Involves a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team to focus on fostering enterprise-wide engagement
  • Consists of a 10-step process with clearly defined objectives, assessments, measurements, development of programs/initiatives, etc.

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